Rotary Club’s Global Efforts to End Polio

Rotary Club’s Aim to End Polio

In the unyielding battle against polio, Rotary Club members from around the world are employing a range of innovative and effective strategies to raise awareness, secure funding, and garner support for the cause. Their dedication remains unwavering as they work tirelessly to bring an end to this debilitating disease.


Rotary International stands as one of the biggest service organizations globally. Their mission, as outlined on their website, is all about “helping others, championing integrity, and fostering global understanding, goodwill, and peace through the camaraderie of business, professional, and community leaders.” It’s important to note that Rotary is strictly non-political and non-religious.

Becoming a member is either through application or invitation, depending on different social factors. With a whopping 46,000-plus member clubs across the globe, Rotary International boasts a membership of 1.4 million individuals, affectionately referred to as Rotary members.

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Germany to Turkey and Back A Journey to Eradicate Polio

Bashar Asfour, a dedicated member of the Rotary Club of Tbilisi Ambassador in Georgia, embarked on an epic European tour in a Volkswagen bus, commencing his journey in Berlin on August 31st. His mission: to not only increase awareness but also to rally donations and inspire new volunteers to join the fight against polio. Covering 16 countries and engaging with communities in 38 cities, Bashar’s expedition culminates in Chemnitz, Germany, on October 20th and 21st, perfectly timed to coincide with the primary Rotary event for World Polio Day in the region. For more details about his incredible journey, click [here](insert link).

Brazil: United Against Polio Campaign

In Brazil, Rotary clubs are uniting under the banner of the “Together Against Polio” campaign to combat the disease and promote vaccination. The campaign encompasses a wide array of tools such as billboards, informational leaflets, engaging social media graphics, and an informative website featuring content endorsed by reputable sources like the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Through their extensive network, clubs are generously distributing campaign materials, disseminating reliable information, and fervently encouraging polio vaccination across the nation.

Madagascar: Urban Run for Polio Awareness

The Rotary Club of Antananarivo-Mahamasina in Madagascar orchestrated the sixth edition of the Urban Trail, uniting clubs across the capital. With a staggering 4,000 participants navigating 7-km and 14-km routes, this event coincided with African Vaccination Week. In collaboration with UNICEF, WHO, and other partners, the initiative aimed to raise awareness about the PolioPlus program and the critical importance of vaccination.

France: T-Rex Race with a Twist

In the picturesque setting of Fréjus, France, an extraordinary event is unfolding: the T-Rex Race. Participants don Tyrannosaurus rex costumes and engage in spirited races, all in the name of raising awareness and funds for polio eradication. Organized by District 1730, this event, taking place on October 21st and 22nd, is set against the backdrop of the Fréjus International Air Festival. This creative endeavor serves to capture people’s attention for a noble cause and embodies Rotary’s unwavering dedication to a world free from polio. To learn more about this unique race, visit their website [here] (insert link).

Colombia: El Zoo del Amor – Bringing Comfort to Terminally Ill Children

Sonia Uribe and Alberto Londoño, two compassionate Rotarians, initiated El Zoo del Amor to offer solace to terminally ill children. Stuffed animals like Ana the giraffe and Lucas the tiger don Rotary-emblazoned shirts and serve as sources of comfort. Rotarians also carry these beloved animals on their global travels, capturing heartwarming photos against iconic backgrounds, spreading smiles and garnering more support. To date, the project has raised an impressive sum of approximately US$260,000, destined for polio eradication efforts and vaccinations for over 76,000 children. This initiative is nurturing young lives and fostering a polio-free world.

Rotary launches new public service announcement campaign focused on polio eradication. (PRNewsFoto/Rotary International)

Philippines: Culinary Collaboration for a Cause

Rotary clubs in the Philippines have joined forces for a special dinner event, dedicated to raising funds for the “End Polio Now” campaign. Over two days, esteemed chefs prepared Dabawenyo and Ilonggo dishes, combining the joys of fine dining with the support for polio eradication. Clubs are planning to replicate this event and explore additional collaborative efforts to bolster the fight against polio.

Korea: Gugak Concert Raises US$12,000

On the picturesque Korean island of Jeju, Rotary members in District 3662 and the Sehyang Orchestra orchestrated a captivating concert of traditional gugak music. This concert provided a rare treat for Jeju residents, as access to such cultural events is often limited. Attended by 400 people, the concert raised an impressive 16 million won (equivalent to approximately US$12,000) for the PolioPlus Fund.

Japan: Chiba’s Parade of Unity

In Japan’s Chiba prefecture, Rotary members organized a lively parade featuring a mikoshi, a portable shrine. This vibrant spectacle coincided with the Oyako Sandai Festival, blending festivities with a powerful message of hope and awareness for a polio-free world. Adorned in “End Polio Now” shirts and traditional festival attire, the Rotary members left an indelible impression.

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India: Italian Rotarians Join the Polio Vaccination Effort

Italian Rotarians and their associates from District 2080 dedicated their efforts to a crucial vaccination campaign in Uttar Pradesh, India. As part of the National Immunization Day initiative, the team collaborated closely with local frontline health workers, with a significant contribution from women in the region. These dedicated Rotary members consistently support global polio vaccination endeavors and eagerly share their stories to inspire more support

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